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Sirius ( / ˈsɪriəs /) is the brightest star in the night sky. Its name is derived from the Greek word Σείριος ( Seirios, lit. 'glowing' or 'scorching'). The star is designated α Canis Majoris, Latinized to Alpha Canis Majoris, and abbreviated Alpha CMa or α CMa. With a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46, Sirius is almost twice as ...

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This Hubble Space Telescope image shows Sirius A, the brightest star in our night sky, along with Sirius B – aka the Pup – its stellar companion. Sirius B is the faint, tiny dot at the lower left.

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Sirius can help you become more agile, innovative and secure than you ever imagined. As a national integrator of comprehensive technology-based solutions, we help you master digital and harness the power of your data through transformation that transcends industries and reinvents the customer experience. 1:35.

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Sirius, also called Alpha Canis Majoris or the Dog Star, brightest star in the night sky, with apparent visual magnitude −1.46. It is a binary star in the constellation Canis Major. The bright component of the binary is a blue-white star 25.4 times as luminous as the Sun. It has a radius 1.71 times that of the Sun and a surface temperature of ...